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Dr. Luettich and his years of research

October 25, 2017

A written portrait of the director of UNC’s Institute of Marine Sciences and his research. Rick Luettich and the Science of Storm Surge

Marine Sciences in the Galápagos

October 23, 2017

The highlights and experiences of Caitlin’s trip to the Galápagos as part of a Marine Sciences experiential learning summer course can be read in the blog post below: As we boarded the plane to the Galápagos, known by locals as the “mosquito” for its small … Read more

UNC Research posts a photo essay of IMS through the years as it approaches its 70th anniversary

October 12, 2017

UNC Research honors the Institute of Marine Sciences as the date approaches for its 70th anniversary open house by posting a photo essay that shows aspects of IMS research throughout the years.