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Dr Noble on concerns in the wake of Hurricane Florence

December 24, 2018

ICYMI – Dr Rachel Noble was in the News & Observer over the holidays talking about additional concerns in the wake of hurricane Florence.

Carter Smith talks about her living shoreline research

December 8, 2018

Amazing interview with Peterson lab PhD candidate Carter Smith on her living shoreline research. The title is “As sea level rises, should we build sea walls? We asked a scientist” and was produced by PBS News Hour

Dr Paerl on twenty years of hurricanes in NC and cyanobacteria

December 8, 2018

Excellent interview with Dr Paerl on twenty years of hurricanes on North Carolina and why we should pay attention to cyanobacteria. With mad props to Dr Paerl who did this interview hours after getting off a flight from Europe.

Dr. Paerl on Toxic Algal Blooms

December 6, 2018

Interview with Dr. Pearl on toxic algal blooms in relation to intensifying hurricanes off of coastal Carolina.

Dr Rodriguez talks about how to help oyster reefs

December 2, 2018

Institute of Marine Sciences joint associate professor Antonio Rodriguez talks about what can harm oyster reefs and what we can do to help protect them.