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Next week UNC-Chapel Hill’s Marine Science Department will participate in the 2020 Ocean Sciences Meeting in San Diego, CA. There will be 19 presentations associated with faculty, post-docs, students, and alumni.

Below is the schedule for UNC affiliated presentations:


Mon, 8:45 am       Chuxuan Li, We Mei, Youichi Kamae (14B, Mezzanine, AI11A-04) A cluster analysis of the tracks of North Atlantic wintertime atmospheric rivers and links to extreme precipitation and winds


Mon, 3:00 pm       Johanna Rosman, Xiao Yu, James Hench (8, UL, CP13A-05) Interaction of combined waves and current with high-relief bottom roughness


Wed, 3:15 pm       Brian O Blanton, John Ratcliff, Youcan Feng and Rick Luettich (OM33B-06) Modeling Compound Flooding from Hurricane Florence Using ADCIRC


Wed, 4:00 pm       Emily Pierce, Adrian Marchetti, Astrid Schnetzer, Olivia Torano, Logan Whitehouse, Johnson Lin (Poster Hall C-D, ME34C-0173) Comparison of Advanced Methodologies for Phytoplankton Community Analysis


Wed, 4:00 pm       Jaye Cable, Jihyuk Kim, Katherine Telfeyan, Karen Johannesson, Alexander Kolker (Poster Hall C-D, OB34E-0616) Groundwater Discharge to a River Delta Driven by the Mississippi River Stage


Wed, 4:00 pm       Sarah Andrew, Robert Strzepek, Michael Joseph Ellwood (Poster Hall C-D, OB34H-0649) Temperature But Not CO2 Stimulates Growth in Southern Ocean Phytoplankton Over a Range of Light and Fe Conditions


Wed, 4:00 pm       Harvey Seim, Catherine Edwards, Dana Savidge, Sara Haines, Lu Han, John Bane, Glen Gawarkiewicz (Poster Hall C-D, PS34A-2903) Variations in the Mass Field Over 1.5 Years at a Persistent Convergent Shelf Front


Wed, 4:00 pm       Alberto Scotti, Zachary Tabel, Jay Austin, Stefan Smith (Poster Hall C-D, PS34E-3007) Numerical Simulations of Radiatively Driven Convection in a Freshwater Lake During Spring and Early Summer


Thurs, 3:00 pm     Mike Muglia, Harvey Seim, Sara Haines (15B, Mezzanine, PS43A-05) Gulf Stream Position, Width, and Orientation Estimates with HF Radar off Cape Hatteras, N.C.


Thurs, 3:15 pm     Lu Han, Harvey Seim, John Bane, Robert Todd (15B, Mezzanine, PS43A-06) A subsurface shelf water export event at Cape Hatteras in January 2018


Thurs, 3:45 pm     John Bane, Harvey Seim, Sara Haines, Ruoying He, Joseph Zambon, Glen Gawarkiewicz (15B, Mezzanine, PS43A-08) Atmospheric Forcing of the Hatteras Coastal Ocean during PEACH


Thurs, 4:00 pm     Varvara Zemskova, Brian White, Alberto Scotti (Poster Hall C-D, PL44C-2806) Impact of surface wind and buoyancy forcing on the energetics and transport in a rotating wind-forced horizontal convection model of a reentrant channel


Thurs, 4:00 pm     Jill Arriola, Jaye Cable, Elizabeth Canuel, Ann McNichol (Poster Hall C-D, CP44B-1326) Hurricane Harvey and salt marsh sediment carbon: Impacts of variable storm intensities across stable and dynamic marsh landscapes along the coast of Texas


Thurs, 4:00 pm     Adrian Marchetti, Robert Lampe, Logan Whitehouse, Johnson Lin, Olivia Torano, Emily Pierce, Maria Teresa Maldonado, Guo Jian, Matthew Hurst, Claire Till, Robert Freiberger, Travis Mellett (Poster Hall C-D, OB44J-0817) Phytoplankton responses to upwelling dynamics under varying iron conditions


Thurs, 4:00 pm     Carly Moreno, Margaret Bernish, Gustavo Hernandez, Emily Pierce, Adrian Marchetti (Poster Hall C-D, OB44J-0818) Effects of Iron Limitation on the Elemental Stoichiometry and Molecular Physiology of Four Southern Ocean Diatoms


Thurs, 4:00 pm     Zofia Zornek, Niels Lindquist, Joel Fodrie (Poster Hall C-D, PI44B-2559) Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Boring Sponges Undermine Oyster Restoration Efforts Outside of a Narrow Salinity Regime in Pamlico Sound


Fri, 8:00 am           Taylor Asher, Rick Luettich, Jennifer Irish, Pulong Ma, Michelle Bensi, Donald Resio

(9, UL, CP51B-01) Addressing Needs in Observed and Simulated Storm Surge Data for Uncertainty Quantification


Fri, 9:15 pm          Scott Gifford, Garrett Sharpe, Acacia Zhao, Adrian Marchetti (4, UL, OB51C-06) Microbial Community Structure and Activities during EXPORTS as Revealed by Quantitative ‘Omics


Fri, 2:15 pm          Emily Eidam, David Sutherland, David Ralston, Bass Dye, Ted Conroy (5B, UL, MG53A-02) Shifts in sediment routing and deposition associated with 150 years of estuary modification in Coos Bay, Oregon

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