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Dr. Piehler to lead the UNC Sustainability Commission

The Chancellor announced that Dr. Piehler will be leading the UNC Sustainability Commission. The goal of the Sustainability Commission is to align sustainability efforts across UNC and support the Three Zeros Initiative.

To read more about this new Commission follow the link to https://thewell.unc.edu/2020/04/22/guskiewicz-establishes-university-sustainability-commission/?utm_campaign=Guskiewicz+establishes+University+Sustainability+Commission&utm_medium=bitly&utm_source=Twitter-KG&fbclid=IwAR3WraA3oF2GfdyKcpxHhMQIDRJJEhVkZzuMM8xyEGaxH-ULGBa5Hv_UJ2c