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Anne Smiley and Haley Plaas featured in The Well about SciREN

Piehler lab Ph.D. student Anne Smiley and Paerl lab Ph.D. student Haley Plaas were featured in The Well to talk about SciREN. SciREN (Scientific Research and Education Network) is led by graduate students and connects educators with researchers to enhance STEM learning in classrooms.

To learn more about SciREN, go to https://www.unc.edu/discover/sciren/?utm_campaign=033121+Bringing+research+to+North+Carolina+classrooms&utm_medium=bitly&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR0828QupvLLQF8KDnyuEjvfjUx62WlT5uBKZufPb6EnxHXqEZzFGl1R_Cc