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This is what Las Vegas looks like when coronavirus empties the gambling  mecca – Daily News

(Los Angeles Daily News, Photo by Gene Blevins/Contributing photographer)


A new study has been published in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, written by Elijah Bird, a UNC junior mathematics and geological sciences double major. Co-authors include Ph.D. alumnus Daniel Bowman and geological sciences professor Jonathan Lees. The research used urban acoustics to monitor changes in human activity during the COVID-19 shutdown in Las Vegas. The team deployed 11 infrasound stations throughout the Las Vegas metro area to examine human patterns of life through an infrasound lens. A Q&A with Elijah Bird is featured on the News of UNC College of Arts and Sciences. For access to the Q&A and more information on the study, please click here. For access to the research paper, click here.

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