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Seminar: John Bane, MASC UNC-CH

September 7, 2016 @ 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

John BaneUNC Marine Sciences’ hosts a seminar presented by Rising Professor Emeritus John Bane, Ph.D.

Seminar Title: Alternative Energy from Ocean Currents

Presenter Affiliation: UNC-CH Department of Marine Sciences

Summary: The kinetic energy in ocean currents, or marine hydrokinetic (MHK)energy, is a renewable energy resource that can help meet global energy requirements. An ocean circulation model–based census shows that subtropical surface western boundary currents (WBCs) are the only nearshore, large-scale currents swift enough to drive large electricity-generating ocean turbines envisioned for future use. Several WBCs are described in the context of kinetic energy extraction. The power density in the Gulf Stream off North Carolina at times reaches several thousand watts per square meter at 75 m below the surface, and the annual average power is approximately 500–1,000 W m−2. Significant fluctuations occur with periods of 3–20 days (Gulf Stream meanders) and weeks to months (Gulf Stream path shifts). Interannual variations in annual average power occur because of year-to-year changes in these WBC motions. No large-scale, submersible ocean turbines presently exist, and the road to establishing MHK facilities in WBCs will encounter challenges that are similar in many aspects to those associated with the development of offshore wind power.

John Bane Marine Hydrokinetic Diagram