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State funds and tuition pay only part of the costs to recruit and retain the best faculty and graduate students and support the unique liberal-arts undergraduate programs that are the hallmarks of the Carolina experience. Private funds sustain and enhance these extraordinary opportunities for students and faculty.

Despite budget cuts, the Earth, Marine and Environmental Sciences Department continues to provide the best possible education for our undergraduate and graduate students. Each year, private support provides the funding that helps support Carolina’s margin of excellence.

Private giving is now more critical than ever.

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To make a gift via check, please make the check out to the Arts & Sciences Foundation, Inc. and note “Department of Marine Sciences” on the memo line. Please mail to:

Kymberly Burkhead-Dalton, MPA
The Arts and Sciences Foundation
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Buchan House
523 E. Franklin Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

We continue to welcome your gifts to the Department of Earth, Marine and Environmental Sciences through our general gift fund which provides the Chair the flexibility to apply funding where it is needed most at any given time or to support our existing fundraising priorities.

Specific Funds

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Kurt Frankel Fund Undergraduate students, particularly undergraduate field trips and research
J. Robert Butler Scholarship Fund Students engaged in geological studies in North and South Carolina
Roy L. Ingram Fund Recognizing a student for significant research contributions and publications
Walter H. Wheeler Fund Recognizing students and faculty for outstanding teaching of introductory geology classes, for field trips, and for undergraduate research