Glazner Research

Newly forming pahoehoe lava on the Big Island, Duke-UNC Hawaii field trip, March 2009.

Research Interests

My research concerns a variety of topics that involve igneous petrology, tectonics, and the geologic history of western North America. Specific topics include:

  • Mechanics, rates, and energetics of pluton emplacement
  • Mechanisms of magma diversification
  • Space-time patterns of magmatism in western North America
  • Data mining large geochemical and geochronological databases

Work on the timing and nature of pluton evolution with Drew Coleman (UNC) and John Bartley (Univ. of Utah) has proven to be controversial and has been the focus of my of my effort over the past several years.

The Sierra Nevada Batholith Map Mosaic Project

NAVDAT and Geoinformatics

Much of my research is devoted to new ways to analyze large datasets of geochemical and geochronological data. I am involved in the ongoing development of NAVDAT, a database of geochemical and geochronological data from western North America. This effort, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, is collaborative with Doug Walker (University of Kansas) and Lang Farmer (University of Colorado).

Much of my effort in NAVDAT has been devoted to developing new ways to display data with animations. A library of examples is linked below.

Coso volcanic field, 8 Ma to recent. Red is basalt, orange andesite and dacite, and yellow rhyolite.

Animation of western U.S. magmatism, 65 Ma to present

Polygon (geologic map) animation of the southwestern Basin and Range, 20 Ma to present. This animation was constructed largely by former grad student Austin Roelofs.