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Anne Margaret Smiley

Anne Margaret Smiley

Graduate Student
Carolina Population Center #3124
Curriculum vitae (CV)

Piehler Lab


B.S., University of Florida

Research Interests

– Urbanization and climate change impacts on coastal habitat distributions and function
– Nitrogen cycling in aquatic systems

Research and Activities

– Quantifying nitrogen removal by flooded urban landscapes
– Understanding influence of chronic nutrient enrichment on habitat nitrogen processes in tidal systems
– Constructing a nitrogen budget for an urban reservoir
– Integrating ecosystem services into flood resilience planning at the local scale

Selected Publications

Smiley, A.M.H., Thompson, S.P., Hall, N.S., & Piehler, M.F. (2023). Storm characteristics influence nitrogen removal in an urban estuarine environment. EGUSphere, 2023, 1-21.