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Christopher Martens

Christopher Martens

Distinguished Professor
(919) 962-0152
(919) 962-1254
4202F Murray Hall, CB#3300
Curriculum vitae (CV)

Martens Lab


Ph.D., Florida State University, 1972

Research Interests

Aquatic Biogeochemical Processes (Primary) Biological Oceanography and Marine Ecology Global and Regional Cycles, Coastal Resources and Conservation and Emerging Tools

Research and Activities

Dr. Martens’ research focuses primarily on biogeochemical processes driven by the decomposition of naturally-occurring organic matter in marine and estuarine sediments. Current projects include investigations of:

  • biogeochemical cycling of carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur in coastal and upper slope environments, emphasizing rates and mechanisms of processes occurring near the sediment-water interface
  • factors controlling the production, consumption, and transport of biogenic gases in organic-rich coastal and wetland sediments
  • seasonal variations in the isotopic signatures and fluxes of methane and other greenhouse gases produced in organic-rich environments. These studies are funded by NSF, ONR, DOE, and NASA. Dr. Martens also maintains an ongoing interest in the organic geochemistry of hydrothermally-altered deep-sea vent sediments. He is founder of the CHAOS Biogeochemistry Laboratories and holds joint appointments in the Departments of Geology and Environmental Sciences and Engineering