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F. Joel Fodrie

F. Joel Fodrie

(252) 726-6841 ext. 149
3431 Arendell Street, Morehead City, NC 28557
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Curriculum vitae (CV)

Estuarine Ecology Lab


Ph.D. Oceanography, Scripps Institution of Oceanography; University of California San Diego, 2006
B.A. Biology (Highest Honors) and History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1999

Research Interests

Joel Fodrie is an estuarine ecologist who studies the population dynamics of fishes and shellfish, as well as the biogenic habitats they rely on such as seagrass meadows, salt marshes, and oyster reefs. His research studies have occurred along all three major U.S. coastlines, and broadly examines linkages between habitat and fisheries production, movement ecology (landscape to population connectivity scales), coastal marine food-web interactions or trophic energy flows, and long-term population and community responses to natural and human-influenced stressors.

Research and Activities

$150,000 Lead PI: North Carolina Sea Grant (2024-2026) “Employing proven restoration approaches to recover and expand essential seagrass habitat in NC” (Effort: 4.2% yr-1)

$187,013 Lead PI: NCDMF Commercial Fishing Resource Fund (2023-2024) “A Comparison of Commercial and Recreational Marine Fisheries Management and Allocation Approaches in North Carolina: Dynamics Related to Efforts to Rebuild Depleted Stocks” (Effort: 5.6% yr-1)

$657,490 Lead PI (only UNC dollars listed): North Carolina Collaboratory (Awarded: 2022-2025) “Review of ecological and management status of North Carolina coastal fisheries and habitats” (Effort: 16.6% yr-1)

$299,834 Co-PI: United States Coastal Research Program (2022-2024) “Investigating oyster-reef morphodynamics to optimize nature-based infrastructure.” (Effort: 8.3% yr-1)

$119,983 Lead PI: North Carolina Sea Grant (2022-2024) “Assessing long-term water temperature patterns in North Carolina estuaries: a key for gauging and predicting ecosystem heath in an era of global change” (Effort: 4.15% yr-1)

Selected Publications

(Drawn from last 5 years, and 100+ total publications; Mentored: #graduate student; *undergraduate/technician; $postdoctoral researcher)

Trackenberg, ST, CJ Baillie, FJ Fodrie, S Bartusek, EH Wellman, and RK Gittman (in press) Are nursery habitat frameworks still taking baby steps in their application to U.S. fisheries management? BioScience

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Clance*, LR, SL Ziegler#, and FJ Fodrie (2023) Contaminants disrupt aquatic food webs via decreased consumer efficiency. Science of the Total Environment 859: 160245.

Zhang$, YS, RK Gittman, SH Swinea*, G Roskar, JA Jarvis, JM Kenworthy, FJ Fodrie (2022) Tropical cyclone impacts on seagrass-associated fishes in a temperate-subtropical estuary. PLoS One 17: e0273556.

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Swinea*, SH, and FJ Fodrie (2021) Gulf fisheries supported resilience in the decade following unparalleled oiling. Ecosphere 12: e03801.

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