Harvey Seim

Harvey Seim


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3117G Murray Hall CB#3300, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3300



Ph.D., University of Washington, 1993

Research Interests

Physical Oceanography; Turbulence and Mixing Processes; Internal Hydraulics: Internal Waves; Boundary Layer Processes; Flow Interaction with Topography; Tidal Dynamics; Numerical Modeling

Research and Activities

Dr. Seim’s research focuses on understanding the processes that control the circulation and water mass structure of estuaries and the coastal ocean and the meteorology over the coastal ocean. The principal tools used in his research are observational studies. His general areas of interest include ocean observing systems, turbulence and mixing processes, internal hydraulics, estuarine subtidal and tidal dynamics, shelf dynamics, high-frequency acoustics, boundary-layer meteorology, marine spatial planning.

Recent Projects

Participation in the Southeast Atlantic Coastal Ocean Observing Regional Association (SECOORA) – operation of high-frequency radar and data management (www.secoora.org) – long-term ongoing participation in this largely NOAA-funded activity, we have operated the radar system on the Outer Banks of NC since 2003 and hosted a node of the data management system (funded through SECOORA since 2007).

Nutrient Input Mechanisms at the Shelf Margin Supporting Wintertime Phytoplankton Blooms (http://nccoos.org/projects/long-bay-wintertime-blooms/) – a NSF-funded collaborative research effort with J. Nelson and C. Edwards at the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography (Oct. 2011- Sept. 2013).

Assessing the feasibility of NC offshore wind power: wind resource evaluation – a combination of new observations, analysis of historical observations and high-resolution numerical modeling are being used to evaluate the wind power distribution on the continental shelf off NC. Funded by the NC Department of Commerce, Progress Energy and Duke Energy; in collaboration with Weatherflow, Inc. (http://nccoos.org/projects/nc-wind-study/) (summer 2010 – summer 2013).

Carolinas Offshore Wind Integration Case Study – a DOE-funded study of the implications of utility-scale offshore wind power generation on utility infrastructure of specific service territories; led by Duke Energy, with partners ABB, AWS TruePower, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (DOE Lab) and UNC-CH. (spring 2012 – spring 2014).