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Ian Reeves

Ian Reeves

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Mitchell Hall, CB#3315
Google Scholar Profile

Coastal Environmental Change Lab


Ph.D., Geological Sciences, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2021
B.A., Geology, Carleton College, 2015

Research Interests

Coastal barrier systems, marsh, ecomorphodynamics, exploratory models, landscape couplings

Research and Activities

My research broadly aims to explore and explain the complex evolution of coastal barrier systems and the key feedbacks and mechanisms that give rise to it, primarily through the development of exploratory models. My most recent work has focused on understanding the impacts of ecomorphodynamic couplings in barrier, marsh, and bay evolution, and how interactions between adjacent and non-adjacent parts of the coastal system can impact the evolution landscape as a whole.

Selected Publications

Reeves, I. R. B., Moore, L. J., Murray, A. B., Anarde, K. A., & Goldstein, E. B. (2021). Dune dynamics drive discontinuous barrier retreat. Geophysical Research Letters, 48, e2021GL092958. 

Reeves, I. R. B., Goldstein, E. B., Anarde, K. A., & Moore, L. J. (2021). Remote bed-level change and overwash observation with low-cost ultrasonic distance sensors. Shore & Beach, 89(2), 23-30. 

Reeves, I. R. B., Moore, L. J., Goldstein, E. B., Murray, A. B., Carr, J. A., & Kirwan, M. L. (2020). Impacts of seagrass dynamics on the coupled long‐term evolution of barrier‐marsh‐bay systems. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, 125, e2019JG005416.