Jaye Cable

Jaye Cable

Senior Associate Dean for Natural Sciences and Mathematics, College of Arts and Sciences

(919) 843-3468
(919) 962-1254
4202H Murray Hall CB# 3300, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3300

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Ph.D., Florida State University, 1996

Research Interests

Coastal Hydrology and Geochemistry:

  • Subterranean estuaries and groundwater discharge
  • Low temperature geochemistry/biogeochemistry
  • Applications of geochemical tracers to study marine and environmental processes
  • Wetland hydrology and hydrodynamics

Research and Activities

Dr. Cable’s research focuses on hydrologic processes at the land-sea boundary, with an emphasis on sources, sinks, and transformations of biogeochemical constituents to coastal water bodies. Recent projects include:

  • hydrologic interactions between coastal aquifers and marine surface waters systems, specifically investigating the role paleochannels play in deltaic systems as a vast subterranean estuary network (Mississippi River Delta; EAR 1141685)
  • characterization of hydrologic and biogeochemical processes across the tidal creek-salt marsh interface and export to the ocean, specifically quantifying water and DOC export in a Florida salt marsh (Econfina-Aucilla Rivers, Florida; OCE 0928162)
  • radionuclide applications in marine and environmental processes (e.g., sediment accretion, resuspension, and water mass tracing)

This research is most recently supported by grants from NSF.