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Lewis Naisbett-Jones

Lewis Naisbett-Jones

Research Interests

My main research interests lie within the fields of animal behavior, sensory biology, and navigation, with a particular interest in animal migration. My work addresses fundamental questions within these disciplines, focusing on what sensory cues guide the movements of diverse fishes, and identifying where many elusive marine migrants travel using telemetry techniques.

Research and Activities

  • Satelite telemetry
  • Acoustic telemetry
  • Conventional tagging
  • Behavioral experiments

Selected Publications

Naisbett-Jones, L.C. & Lohmann, K.J. (2021). Magnetoreception and magnetic naviga-tion in fishes: a half century of discovery. Journal of Comparative Physiology A, In press.

Naisbett-Jones, L.C. & Lohmann, K. J. (2020). Magnetoreception in fishes: the effect of magnetic pulses on orientation of juvenile Pacific salmon. Journal of Experimental Biology, 223.

Heathcote, R.J.P., Troscianko, J., Darden., S.K., Naisbett-Jones, L.C.., et al. (2020). A matador-like predation strategy driven by conspicuous coloration in guppies. Current Biology, 30, R2844-2851.

Heathcote, R.J.P., Darden., S.K., Troscianko, J., Lawson, M.R.M., Brown, A.M., Laker, P.R., Naisbett-Jones, L.C., MacGregor, H.E.A., Ramnarine, H., and Croft, D.P. (2018). Dynamic eye colour as an honest signal of aggression. Current Biology, 28, R635-R655.

Naisbett-Jones, L.C., Putman, N. F., Stephenson, J. F., Ladak, S., & Young, K.A. (2017). A magnetic map leads juvenile European eels to the Gulf Stream. Current Biology, 27, 1235-1240.

Putman, N. F., Naisbett-Jones, L.C., Stephenson, J. F., Ladak, S., & Young, K.A. (2017). A response to Durif et al. Current Biology, 27, R979-R1001.

These papers are accessible via my ResearchGate or GoogleScholar pages: