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Meredith Meyer

Meredith Meyer


B. Sc. Environmental Geology and Environmental Science and Policy, College of William & Mary, 2017

Research Interests

My research interests are diverse but focus mainly on phytoplankton ecology, biogeochemistry, and carbon cycling, specifically the biological carbon pump.

Research and Activities

Most of my research is observational oceanography with a lab culturing component. I’ve had the opportunities to conduct a great deal of field work in locations around the world. Most often this field work takes form as a research cruise in the open ocean.

Selected Publications

Meyer, M.G., Gong, W., Kafrissen, S.M., Torano, O., Varela, D.E., Santoro, A.E., Cassar, N., Gifford, S., Niebergall, A.K., Sharpe, G. and A. Marchetti. Phytoplankton size-class contributions to new and regenerated production during the EXPORTS Northeast Pacific Ocean field deployment. Elementa Sci. Anthro. (submitted).
Smith, W.O. Jr., Zhang, W.G., Hirzel, A., Stanley, R.M.M., Meyer, M.G., Sosik, H., Alatalo, P., Sandwith, Z., Mehta, A., and D.J. McGillicuddy, Jr. 2020. A regional bloom of Phaeocystis on the New England continental shelf. JGR Oceans, 126.
Meyer, M.G. and W.O. Smith, Jr. 2020. Using Autonomous Vehicles to Estimate Vertical Fluxes and Remineralization Rates of Organic Matter in the Ocean: A Conceptual Approach. Global Oceans 2020: Singapore – U.S. Gulf Coast. Doi:10.1109/IEEECONF38699.2020.9389263.
Smith, W.O. Jr. and M.G. Meyer. 2019. Marine Plankton of Open Antarctic Seas. Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sci.
Balascio, N.L, J.M. Kaste, M.G. Meyer, M. Renshaw, K. Smith, and R.M. Chambers. 2019. A high-resolution mill pond record from the eastern Virginia (USA) reveals the impact of past landscape changes and regional pollution history. Anthropocene 25.