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Michael J. Shore

Michael J. Shore

Adjunct Research Professor
(919) 360-7805
Mitchell Hall


Ph.D. Geophysics The Johns Hopkins University 1983
M.S. Geophysics The Pennsylvania State University 1972
B.S. Geological Sciences The Pennsylvania State University 1971

Research Interests

  • Advancing the understanding of source mechanisms of earthquakes and explosions, seismic propagation, and earth structure related to nuclear test ban treaty verification and induced seismicity
  • Application of geophysical techniques to shallow exploration, structural analysis, and material properties investigations such as archaeology and nondestructive testing
  • Generation and propagation of infrasound

Research and Activities

  • Seismology and infrasound aspects of nuclear treaty monitoring
  • Location and characterization of shallow structures and underground space
  • Animal communications using infrasound

Selected Publications

Lamb, Oliver D., Michael J. Shore, Jonathan M. Lees, Stephen J. Lee, and Sean Hensman. (2021) Assessing Raspberry Shake and Boom sensors for recording African Elephant acoustic vocalizations, Frontiers in Conservation Science, doi: 10.3389/fcosc.2020.630967, 26 January 2021. Lamb, Oliver D., Stephen Lee, Jonathan Lees, Luis Franco Marin, Jonathan Lazo, Andr´es Rivera, and Michael Shore. (2020) Detecting repetitive icequakes at Llaima Volcano, Chile, Volcanica, 3(1), pp. 29-42. doi: 10.30909/vol.03.01.2942, Shore, Michael, Oliver Lamb, Jonathan Lees, Stephen Lee. (2020) Monitoring Elephant Infrasound Communications and Seismic Footsteps to Counter Human-Elephant Conflict, WildTrack Workshop, Cary, NC, 24 February 2020. Lamb, Oliver D., Jonathan M. Lees, Luis Franco, Jonathan Lazo, Julian W. Traphagan, Michael Shore, Stephen J. Lee. (2019) Breaking the ice: Detecting repetitive icequakes at Llaima Volcano, Chile, Poster Session, American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, December 2019. Shore, Mike. (2019) Seismic, Infrasound/Acoustic, and Doppler Radar Signatures of Elephants, Human-Elephant Conflict and Behavior Workshop, Bela Bela, South Africa, March 2019. Shore, Mike, Jonathan Lees, and Stephen Lee. (2018) Infrasound/Acoustic and Seismic Monitoring of African Elephants, First African Bioacoustics Community Conference, Poster Session, Cape Town, South Africa, December 2018. Biryol, C. Berk, Stephen J. Lee, Jonathan M. Lees, and Michael J. Shore. (2018) Lithospheric Structure of an Incipient Rift Basin: Results from Receiver Function Analysis of Bransfield Strait, NW Antarctic Peninsula, Polar Science, POLAR_2018.02.003, February 19, 2018, Biryol, C. Berk, Jonathan M. Lees, Michael J. Shore and Stephen J. Lee. (2017) Lithospheric Structure of a Nascent Rift Basin: Results from Receiver Function Analysis of Bransfield Basin, NW Antarctic Peninsula; American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting December 12-16 2017, San Francisco, CA. (Poster Presentation). Shore, Michael J., C. Berk Biryol, Jonathan M. Lees, and Stephen J. Lee. (2016) Stalled Subduction and Microplates: P-wave Receiver Functions from NW Antarctic Peninsula, American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting December 12-16 2016, San Francisco, CA. (Poster Presentation) Lee, Stephen J., and Michael J. Shore. (2016) Wildlife Security Convergence with Conservation and Innovation, Wildlife Security and Conservation Symposium, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, 26 May 2016. Biryol, C. Berk, Stephen J. Lee, Jonathan M. Lees, Michael J. Shore. (2016) Lithospheric Structure of an Incipient Rift Basin: Results from Receiver Function Analysis of Bransfield Rift Basin, NW Antarctic Peninsula, Poster Presentation, Seismological Society of America Annual Meeting, Reno, NV, Seismological Research Letters 87:2B, p. 522. (Poster presentation), Online. Link:, 21 April 2016. Miller, Ashadee, Michael Hensman, Sean Hensman, Kip Schultz, Paul Reid, Mike Shore, Jessica Brown, Kenneth Furton, and Stephen Lee. (2015) African Elephants (Loxodonta africana) can Detect TNT using Olfaction: Implications for Biosensor Application. Applied Animal Behaviour Science (2015),

Lee, Stephen, Michael Shore, and Paul Reid. (2014) Border Surveillance Technology, United States – South Africa Border Surveillance Technology Cooperation Symposium. Pretoria, South Africa, September 16, 2014.

Shore, Michael J. (2014) Elephant Scent Training – Infrasound and Seismic Monitoring. U.S.-Israel Working Dog Technical Exchange Meeting, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel. Shore, Michael J. (2014) Motivation for a High Explosive Testing Program in South Africa. ARA Technical Report, Raleigh, NC. Shore, Michael J. (2013) Infrasound and Seismic Monitoring during Scent Training using African Elephants. South African Indigenous Biosensors Meeting, Bonwa Phala Nature Reserve, Bela Bela, South Africa. Shore, Michael J., Steve Cotton, Ben Dolgin, and Ken Kuck (2007) Sub-Surface Navigation. Underground Facilities Focus Group Technical Conference on Collaborative R & D Technologies and Strategies to Find, Characterize and Assess Underground Facilities, Nonproliferation and Arms Control Technical Working Group, Chantilly VA Shore, Michael J. et al. (1997) Proceedings of the 19th Annual Seismic Research Symposium on Monitoring a Comprehensive Test ban Treaty, 23-25 September 1997. Defense Special Weapons Agency, HQ Air Force Technical Applications Center, and Department of Energy Office of Nonproliferation and National Security, Alexandria, VA. Shore, Michael J. (1984) A seismic Q-profile for the lower mantle from short-period P waves. Nature, 310(5976), pp. 399-401. Shore, Michael J. (1983) Short period P-wave attenuation in the middle and lower mantle of the earth. PhD Dissertation. The Johns Hopkins University. Published as VELA Seismological Center Technical Report 83-7, May 1983. Shore, Michael J., with Robert J. Zavadil, D. Wilmer Rivers, and Robert R. Blandford (1983) Estimates of seismic activity in the Soviet Union based on maximum likelihood estimates of magnitude. Air Force Technical Applications Center Technical Report ED-83-1, February 1983. Shore, Michael J. (1982) Seismic travel-time anomalies from events in the western Soviet Union. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 72(1), pp. 113-128. Paper was presented at the 1981 Meeting of the Seismological Society of America. Shore, Michael J. (1981) Some comments on the relationship of travel time anomalies, magnitude residuals and other geophysical parameters. Presented at the Spring 1981 meeting of the American Geophysical Union. Shore, Michael J. (1975) Long period noise and capability study. VELA Seismological Center Technical Report #38, June 1975. Shore, Michael J., and Jon B. Secoy (1975) Analysis of seismic data recorded near the SHOAL test site in Nevada and the CANNIKIN test site on Amchitka Island, Alaska. VELA Seismological Center Report #37, April 1975. Shore, Michael J. (1972) Prediction of the frequency domain response of explosive sources with comparison to the BOXCAR event. Prepared in partial fulfillment for Master of Science Degree. The Pennsylvania State University. Paper was presented at the Spring 1973 Meeting of the American Geophysical Union.