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Mohammad Barzegar

Mohammad Barzegar

Post Doc Research Associate
Venable Hall #309
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2021 PhD. Coastal Engineering, Texas A & M University
2011 M.S. University of Amirkabir

Research Interests

Understanding the nature of turbulence and Internal waves and their role in the upper oceanic boundary layer. Also how ocean mixing is vital to studying the ocean processes such as:

  • heat flux across the air-sea interface
  • momentum flux
  • gas transfer
  • biogeochemical processes

Research and Activities

Collaboration and design of experimental simulations to investigate the effects and impact of internal waves on the oceanic coastline.

Responsibilities included:

  • Simulation and analysis utilizing deep learning and machine learning techniques
  • Contribute to processing, statistical analysis, visualization, and organization of the diverse datasets
  • Mentorship of graduate students on coastal modeling and research efforts