Rachelle Beattie

Rachelle Beattie

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Noble Lab
(252) 726-6841
3431 Arendell Street, Morehead City, NC 28557

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PhD in Biology, Marquette University, 2020
M.S. in Biology, Northwest Missouri State University, 2016
B.S. in Biology, Northwest Missouri State University, 2014

Research Interests

My research interests include using molecular and metagenomic sequencing techniques to assess the impact of disturbance events (contamination, climate change, etc.) on microbial community structure and function.

Research and Activities

My current research activities are twofold: 1) assessing sources and drivers of fecal contamination in high priority estuaries along the Carolina coast and 2) assisting in the development and implementation of technology to rapidly identify viruses in wastewaters for the current and future pandemic events.