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Tyler O’keefe

Tyler O’keefe


B.A. Biology, Carleton College, 2018

Research Interests

Oyster-seagrass interactions Ecosystem services in coupled social-ecological systems Optimizing NC shellfish mariculture for the future, today

Research and Activities

Field work on the North Carolina coast

Selected Publications

Coe, A., Biller, S.J., Thomas, E., Boulias, K., Bliem, C., Arellano, A., Dooley, K., Rasmussen, A.N., LeGault, K., O’Keefe, T.J., Stover, S., Greer, E.L. and Chisholm, S.W. (2021), Coping with darkness: The adaptive response of marine picocyanobacteria to repeated light energy deprivation. Limnol Oceanogr.