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Field Site Seminar: Stacy Zhang

September 7, 2021

Effects of shifting seagrass habitats on estuarine community dynamics UNC Chapel Hill, Institute of Marine Sciences Available on Zoom. Meeting ID: 932 7361 7162

PhD Proposal Defense: Alexandria Hounshell

August 24, 2017

The Ph.D. Proposal Defense of Alexandria Hounshell will be presented before the UNC Institute of Marine Sciences in seminar room 222 in Morehead City, NC and live broadcast to UNC Department of Marine Sciences conference room 3204 on the 3rd floor of Murray Hall … Read more

MS Thesis Defense: Weida Gong

March 21, 2017

The M.S. Thesis Defense of Weida Gong will be presented at Murray Hall, in the 3rd floor conference room #3204 of the Marine Sciences Department, UNC at Chapel Hill and live broadcast to UNC Institute of Marine Science (IMS) in Morehead City, NC. This … Read more

Interdisciplinary Seminar: Greg Sorg

August 23, 2016

An interdisciplinary seminar presented by UNC IMS Graduate Student, Greg Sorg. Seminar Title: Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost: Use of Chemical and Acoustic Cues to Navigate Estuarine Environments Abstract: The estuarine environment provides primary habitats, nurseries, and/or foraging grounds for … Read more