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Seminar: Dr. Andreas Teske, UNC Dept. of Marine Sciences

August 11, 2017

UNC Marine Sciences’ is proud to host a seminar by one of our own faculty Dr. Andreas Teske. Presenter Affiliation: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Department of Marine Sciences Title: Exploring hot spots and cold seeps on the ridge flanks of Guaymas … Read more

UNC Professor Andreas Teske leads Guaymas Basin expedition

December 12, 2016

The objective of the Guaymas Basin expedition is to collect samples – using the deep-sea submersible Alvin – to explore the genomic potential, physiological capabilities and biogeochemical roles of key uncultured microorganisms from Guaymas Basin sediments. The Guaymas Basin is … Read more

Update from Andreas Teske’s Research/Study Leave – March

March 29, 2016

Update from Andreas Teske’s Research/Study Leave – March My research leave at the Hanse Institute for Advanced Studies in Northern Germany is strengthening the long-standing collaborative ties of my lab to our colleagues working in marine microbiology and geochemistry at … Read more