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MS Thesis Defense: Weida Gong

March 28, 2017

The M.S. Thesis Defense of Weida Gong will be presented at Murray Hall, in the 3rd floor conference room #3204 of the Marine Sciences Department, UNC at Chapel Hill and live broadcast to UNC Institute of Marine Science (IMS) in Morehead City, NC. This … Continued

Seminar: Dr. Daphne Klotsa, UNC-CH Applied Physical Sciences

February 8, 2017

UNC Marine Sciences’ Professor Alberto Scotti hosts a seminar presented by Daphne Klotsa, Ph.D. Seminar Title: Collective behavior of particles and swimmers in fluids at intermediate Reynolds numbers Presenter Affiliation: Department of Applied Physical Sciences, UNC-CH Abstract: Rigid spherical particles … Continued

Ph.D. Dissertation Defense: Ian Kroll

January 10, 2017

The Ph.D. Dissertation Defense of Ian Kroll will be presented at UNC IMS (Institute of Marine Science) seminar room 222 in Morehead City – NC, and streamed to Murray Hall, room 3204 of the Marine Sciences Department, UNC at Chapel … Continued

Ph.D. Proposal Defense: David Marshall

December 9, 2016

UNC Marince Sciences PhD candidate David Marshall gives his proposal defense titled: Turbulent mixing, circulation and salt transport in a strongly stratified, microtidal, wind-driven estuary.

Seminar: Dr. Arnoldo Valle-Levinson, UFL

November 30, 2016

UNC Marine Sciences’ Professor and Department Chairman Harvey Seim hosts a seminar presented by Arnoldo Valle-Levinson, Ph.D. Seminar Title: Sea-level rise hot spots along the U.S. Atlantic coast Presenter Affiliation: University of Florida, Civil and Coastal Engineering Department Summary: Sea-level rise … Continued

Interdisciplinary Seminar: Charlie Deaton

November 7, 2016

An interdisciplinary seminar presented by UNC IMS Graduate Student, Charlie Deaton. Seminar Title: Bistability and resilience in coupled bio-geomorphic coastal systems Abstract: Many coastal ecosystems, such as dunes, salt marshes, and seagrass beds, exist due to biological-geologic feedbacks that result in highly dynamic, … Continued

Seminar: Dr, Suzanna Brauer, App State

October 12, 2016

UNC Marine Sciences’ Associate Professor Marc Alperin hosts a seminar presented by Suzanna Brauer, Ph.D. Seminar Title: Flipping the switch: Peatland warming triggers accelerated carbon degradation, altered methane dynamics, and reverse ecological succession Presenter Affiliation: Appalachian State University Summary: Peatlands harbor … Continued

Seminar: Dr. Erik Zettler, Sea Education Association

October 5, 2016

UNC Marine Sciences’ Associate Professor Marc Alperin hosts a seminar presented by Erik Zettler, Ph.D. Seminar Title: Diversity & Function of the Marine “Plastisphere” Community Presenter Affiliation: Sea Education Association (SEA) Summary: The “Plastisphere” encompasses a diverse microbial and metazoan community … Continued

Seminar: Dr. David DeMaster, NCSU

September 28, 2016

UNC Marine Sciences’ Distinguished Professor Chris Martens hosts a seminar presented by David J. DeMaster, Ph.D. Seminar Title: Climate Change in High Latitudes: Benthic Responses and Labile Carbon Inventories under Collapsed Ice Shelves Presenter Affiliation: Dept. of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, North … Continued