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MHC Field Site Capstone Presentation

IMS Seminar Room (222) 3431 Arendell St, MOREHEAD CITY, NC

Evaluating the Efficacy of Living Shorelines in Bogue Sound to Develop a Recommendation for the DMF-IMS Waterfront Caroline Chen, Katie Diamond, Anna Gibbons, Noelle Keister, Becca Kelley, Meg McCartney, Madison Milotte, Sophia Palmieri, Kylie Showalter, Avery West, Soph Williams

PhD Dissertation Defense, Rebecca Van Hoeck

Dissertation title: Marine ecosystems through the lens of soundscape ecology: How biological processes, landscape structure, and anthropogenic activity affect spatiotemporal soundscape patterns Dissertation Abstract:  Marine soundscapes, or the collection of all sounds across a landscape, consist of dynamic patterns resulting … Continued