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Interdisciplinary Seminar: Rachel Canty

March 27, 2017 @ 12:20 pm - 1:20 pm

Rachel Canty Interdisciplinary Seminar on the Chemotactic influences on phytoplankton-bacteria interactions - photo in the lab by Mary Lide ParkerAn interdisciplinary seminar presented by UNC-CH Department of Marine Sciences graduate student, Rachel Canty.

Seminar Title: Chemotactic influences on phytoplankton-bacteria interactions

Abstract: Bacteria play an important role in cycling organic matter to higher trophic levels as well as providing inorganic matter to autotrophs. The recycling of organic and inorganic matter between bacteria and phytoplankton is facilitated by the phycosphere, the microscale environment around a phytoplankton cell that is high in extracellular products and small enough for only diffusive forces to take effect. Bacteria that are capable of swimming may demonstrate a competitive advantage over non-motile bacteria by utilizing the nutrients in these ephemeral hotspots before they can diffuse into the surrounding bulk seawater. The movement toward high nutrient concentrations is known as chemotaxis. This seminar will look at the trade-offs of using energy to swim versus obtaining nutrients. It will also explore the impact that chemotactic bacteria have on carbon cycling during the peak and decomposition of phytoplankton blooms.

Location: UNC Institute of Marine Sciences, seminar room #222, Morehead City, NC
streamed live to UNC-CH Department of Marine Sciences, Murray Hall room G201, Chapel Hill, NC.


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