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Upcoming Events – Earth, Marine and Environmental Sciences

Field Site Seminar, Sophie McCoy: Ecology of change: mechanisms of community response

IMS Seminar Room (222) 3431 Arendell St, MOREHEAD CITY, NC

Abstract: The ecological repercussions of environmental change are easily seen in macroalgal-dominated systems, which can respond quickly to changes in abiotic conditions. To describe the cophysiological links between the scales of individual response and community response, I will draw on … Continued

EMES Fall Seminar: Dana Savidge

Mitchell 005 Mitchell Hall, Chapel Hill

The Problem of Scale and the Future of Physical Oceanography University of Georgia Host: Chris Martens Modern physical oceanographers enjoy an embarrassment of riches, with broadly available high-quality high resolution data streams and increasingly detailed and accurate modeling capabilities.  Yet … Continued

PhD Dissertation Defense: Sarah Brown (E3P – Arnosti)

Murray 3204 Murray Hall, Chapel Hill, NC

Enzymatic capabilities and substrate uptake mechanisms of diverse bacterial communities in the Atlantic, Indian, and Southern Oceans Abstract: Microbial communities play essential roles in marine carbon cycling – their activities ultimately determine the fate of carbon assimilated by phytoplankton in … Continued

EMES Fall Seminar: Julie Granger

Mitchell 005 Mitchell Hall, Chapel Hill

Title: Insights on nutrient dynamics in the western Arctic Ocean from nitrate isotope ratios  University of Connecticut Host: Adrian Marchetti The rapid warming of the Arctic has manifested in a decrease in extent and duration of sea ice cover in … Continued

Field Site Seminar, Jon Grabowski: Using ecological and socioeconomic approaches to inform the conservation, restoration and management of coastal watersheds

IMS Seminar Room (222) 3431 Arendell St, MOREHEAD CITY, NC

Abstract: Estuarine ecosystems are among the most valuable on earth because they provide a vast array of ecosystem services such as storm protection, nutrient cycling, and essential fish habitat. Unfortunately, they face a multitude of anthropogenic stressors, from habitat degradation … Continued

Field Site Seminar, Jim Hench: Title TBA

IMS Seminar Room (222) 3431 Arendell St, MOREHEAD CITY, NC

Zoom webinar ID:969 1093 3469 Duke University Marine Lab Host: Rick Luettich