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Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Degree Programs

The Department of Earth, Marine and Environmental Sciences offers two undergraduate degree programs: a B.S. in Earth and Marine Sciences with tracks in Geoscience, Hydrology, and Marine Biology and Ecology, and a B.A. in Earth Science. In addition to the B.S. and B.A. degrees, the Department offers Minors in Geological Sciences, Marine Sciences, Environmental Microbiology, and Hydrology (beginning Fall 2024).  

The B.S. degree program aims to prepare students for employment in the fields of Earth and Marine Sciences as well as graduate study. Students in this program will understand the processes that shaped the Earth and continue to shape it today. By studying Earth and Marine Sciences, students learn about the structure, composition, and history of the planet we live on. They will learn the importance of managing natural resources like water, minerals, and fossil fuels. Students will learn how to assess and mitigate natural hazards such as earthquakes, landslides, floods, coastal erosion, and volcanic eruptions. They will learn to identify potential hazards and develop strategies to minimize their impact. Earth and Marine Science plays a crucial role in managing our environment. Students will learn to assess the impact of human activities on the Earth and develop strategies to minimize negative effects. They will study processes like climate change that can impact ecosystems. 

In addition to the goals listed above, the Geoscience concentration is designed to permit students to pursue professional licensure in geology and the Hydrology concentration is designed to permit students to pursue professional certification in hydrology. Professional licensure and certification are significant enhancements to career paths in these fields. 

Degree Requirements

Requirements for each degree can be found in the UNC Catalog by clicking the links below.

Earth and Marine Sciences Major, B.S.

Earth and Marine Sciences Major, B.A. – Earth Science

Environmental Microbiology Minor

Marine Sciences Minor

Geological Sciences Minor