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PhD Proposal Defense, Meredith Meyer

Murray 3204 Murray Hall, Chapel Hill, NC

The influence of phytoplankton productivity and molecular physiology on biogeochemical dynamics of two contrasting ocean environments Understanding the controls on oceanic primary production is crucial to elucidating it’s influence on global biogeochemical cycling, ocean health, and climate regulation under current … Continued

PhD Proposal Defense: Haley Plaas (ESE – Paerl), Understanding the Impacts of Harmful Cyanobacteria Blooms on Air Quality

IMS Seminar Room (222) 3431 Arendell St, MOREHEAD CITY, NC

The environmental health of aquatic ecosystems is threatened by the global proliferation of cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms (CHABs) in key drinking water and recreational water resources. In recent decades, the occurrence of CHABs has increased spatiotemporally due to climate change … Continued

MS Thesis Defense: Brianna Ingram, The Role of Spartina patens on U.S Atlantic Dunes: A Review, Examples from the North Carolina Coast, and Implications for Dune Building and Recovery

Abstract: Coastal foredunes, which arise from feedbacks between sediment transport and vegetation, protect coastal habitats and coastal development from storm impacts. The rate of dune growth and dune shape are influenced by the morphology of the dune-building grasses that give … Continued

MS Thesis Defense, Anastasia Dulskiy: Drivers of Microbial Diversity in the Temperate Coral Oculina arbuscula

Murray 3204 Murray Hall, Chapel Hill, NC

Drivers of Microbial Diversity in the Temperate Coral Oculina arbuscula Abstract: Disruption of the coral-algal symbiosis (bleaching) in response to anthropogenic stressors, such as warming and nutrient pollution, represents a significant threat to coral reefs worldwide. Corals are complex meta-organisms … Continued

PhD Dissertation Defense, Jana Haddad: Wave transformation in coastal marshes

Murray 3204 Murray Hall, Chapel Hill, NC

Wave transformation in coastal marshes   Amid increasing frequency and intensity of storms, there is a growing need for resilient shoreline protection strategies, especially those that can also provide ecological and economic benefits to coastal communities. Coastal marshes, whether restored, … Continued

Honors Thesis Defense, Logan Timm

Mitchell 110 Mitchell Hall, Chapel Hill, NC

Comparison of edge effects across patchy and contiguous seagrass landscapes Abstract: Coastal marine habitats are subject to fragmentation from a variety of processes including human-induced disturbances such as dredging and natural processes such as high-energy storms. It is widely accepted … Continued

Honors Thesis Defense, Prisca Lim

Survey of epiphytic microalgae to evaluate risk of ciguatera fish poisoning across natural and artificial reefs in North Carolina Epiphytic microalgae are important contributors to the carbon and nutrient cycles, yet are often overlooked during ecological surveys. In reef habitats, … Continued

MS Thesis Defense, Scott Booth

Murray 3204 Murray Hall, Chapel Hill, NC

Determining carbon sequestration in reservoirs: A quantitative 210Pb-based approach   As carbon emissions continue to rise, much work has been done to properly quantify carbon sources and sinks to better understand the carbon cycle and how it responds to the … Continued

PhD Dissertation Defense, Rebecca Van Hoeck

IMS Seminar Room (222) 3431 Arendell St, MOREHEAD CITY, NC

Dissertation title: Marine ecosystems through the lens of soundscape ecology: How biological processes, landscape structure, and anthropogenic activity affect spatiotemporal soundscape patterns Dissertation Abstract:  Marine soundscapes, or the collection of all sounds across a landscape, consist of dynamic patterns resulting … Continued