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Financial Information

Applications to graduate programs in the Department of Earth, Marine and Environmental Sciences should be submitted by the proper deadline to receive full consideration for special fellowships.

  • The 2021-2022 annual graduate student stipend consists of:
    • $24,500 annualized salary
    • Approximately $3,399 worth of health insurance
    • Tuition between approximately $2,410.75 and $13,427, depending on the number of credits taken and in-state residency status
  • Student fees are covered by the graduate school, department or the student advisor (approximately $987 per semester)
  • Supplements and special fellowships are awarded to incoming students on the basis of academic achievement and promise
  • The majority of first year students are supported as teaching assistants (TA)
  • In Marine Sciences, the majority of first-year students are supported as teaching assistants (TA), and beyond the first year most students are supported as research assistants (RA) on external funding provided by their advisor.
  • In Geological Sciences, most students are supported on combinations of teaching assistantships (TA) and research assistantships (RA) per availability of funding.