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MS Thesis Defense: Rob Lampe

May 1, 2018

The MS Thesis Defense of Rob Lampe is presented by the Department of Marine Sciences. The main location of this event will be in conference room 3204 on the 3rd floor of Murray Hall on UNC campus in Chapel Hill, NC. The defense will be streamed live to … Continued

PhD Dissertation Defense: Natalie Cohen

March 27, 2017

The Ph.D. Dissertation Defense of Natalie Cohen will be presented at Murray Hall, room G201 of the Marine Sciences Department, UNC at Chapel Hill and live broadcast to UNC IMS (Institute of Marine Science) seminar room 222 in Morehead City – … Continued

Research Seminar: Rob Lampe

February 6, 2017

A research seminar presented by UNC-CH Department of Marine Sciences graduate student, Rob Lampe. Seminar Title: Investigating distinct strategies by bloom-forming diatoms to frequently-encountered shifts in their environment. Abstract: Diatoms are a highly diverse and prominent group of eukaryotic phytoplankton that perform approximately … Continued